by William Hancock.


digital radio


A series of textural photographs looking at emotions of different natural and artificial surfaces and media.

IMG_2789 IMG_2249 IMG_2241 IMG_1624 IMG_1525 IMG_1523 IMG_1481 IMG_0601 IMG_0598 IMG_0595 IMG_0592 IMG_0406 IMG_0324 IMG_0282 IMG_0281 IMG_0208 IMG_0200 IMG_0169 IMG_0042 IMG_0036 IMG_0024 IMG_0019 FullSizeRender


A series of examples of photographic composition, framework and colour contrast of landscape photography. I especially enjoy the sunset shots due to the colour and textural effects of the light on the landscape and the changing nature of the shoot. Very dynamic.

IMG_2097 IMG_1268 IMG_1075 IMG_0709 IMG_0482 IMG_0389 This shot is a moonrise.IMG_0181IMG_0171 IMG_0166 IMG_0039


Design Folio – William Hancock.

Recent works for coming show next year. Pen and Ink. Meditations on Geometry.



Older work from past shows in the same vein. Above are extensions from this body of work.



Untitled23IMGP0408_1 21-28-29

The above right stencil of paint on black paper was the brand logo used for 2008 show. It was used on all promotional material including advertising graphics in Art Almanac circulated internationally.

IMGP2780 22-36-56 This guitar was designed and constructed using exotic Tonewoods including Mahogany, Ebony, Rosewood and Spruce. Further detailed shots can be viewed at It was constructed while studying a Luthiers Course through Still playing great.

IMGP3352 IMGP3514

Speakers made from coconut shells. The clapping sticks (idiophones) are made from Blackwood (Acacia Melanoxylon), a native Australian Tonewood cousin of the Hawaiian Koa used traditionally to make ukuleles. See here for a link to the kymatix.faithweb site with a transcript of the Koa article published in Australian Guitar Magazine.

IMGP3171 IMGP3174

Skateboard designs. Ink and pen.

IMGP3213 This installation is the third in a series over many years. The first was made with papier mache and cardboard, the second were similar although painted with natural colour and used green shade-cloth for the leaves. This was aiming to be lit with the UV light underneath and a waterwave projector to give the palm dappled light and an illusion of glowing and moving. Also lit through the holes in the trunks. The design didn’t quite have the affect I was looking for so is considered a sketch for future developments in the series.

IMG_1428 IMG_1721

IMG_2077 IMG_2076

A recent series of chilli shaped cushions designed for use as a tactile installation.


Food design. Slow cooked pulled-pork sliders with red cabbage coleslaw and bbq sauce on the left. An attempt at an old school Big Mac on the right complete with Mac sauce recipe found on you tube, direct from the original manufacturer.

IMG_0949coffeeIMG_2487 Shameless self-promotion of latte art. Theres something amazing about these designs that flow out of the jug. Every time I pour a coffee it never ceases to amaze me just how beautiful and individual they can be. A result of gravity, the coriolis effect and the baritsas motor skills.

IMG_2200 A design installation done purely for fun using offcuts from a recently installed front fence. Ink and Pen. This is the result of feeling frustrated with the mode of online study.

SCN_0012 An etching plate yet to be printed.

A collection of works from over the years that have been done more for fun than for professional application. Art and Design has been present in my life from a very young age and something I enjoy on a personal level, from a place of self-development and enjoyment. My upcoming show will be a body of work centred around the forst couple of shits in this series, developing into the use of coloured pen and ink and further geometric representations of fractilised design and meditations centred around the materialisation of Metatron’s Cube.

FullSizeRender copy

Supercozi – Bioshifter.


“Cozi Gets Super To Shift Up With Bio-Body”.

Yukimi Yonezawa released her third full length album as Supercozi in early May, 2015 on Wakyo Records. Bioshifter spans the Electronica, Techno and Downtempo genres showing her talent and diversity as an artist. With releases in many genres and a reluctance to pigeon-hole her production styles or music to any particular one, Cozi seems to thrive through enjoying the many different sounds of Psy Chill, Dub, Glitch, Trip Hop, Ambient and Downbeat.

After dropping out of university to work in a record store whilst gigging on vocals and guitar, Cozi taught herself audio production using Mac and an Akai sampler. Around 1997 she had an epiphany with the new school tech, quit the band and started DJing in clubs and parties around Tokyo.

Looking at the downtempo tracks on Bioshifter we find; Nebula to Nebula feat. Martin Denev. A dreamy almost ambient electronic creation drenched in reverb and large expansive pads, expressed in a watery atmosphere. Owl in Me is slightly quicker with a percussive voicing, highlighted by hard-edged tech punctuations to give an almost trance feeling. A nice carry to the track and well- timed drops are a pleasure. D.I.V.E. feat. Reason bops along in a solid, funky bed with glitchy undertones and some washed out vocals. Auto-tuned samples worked into the tech-inspired sound give a timeless tune that could sit well in several different situations. Feels Like Yesterday feat. Sophie Barker embraces strings and a female vocal hook voiced in a gentle context, again with glitch undertones.

As a part of Zen Lemonade and with releases on Iboga, Flow, Dragonfly and her own label Hypoespresso, Supercozi is a well proven Bioshifter as she jumps between genres with natural ease.

Now available on Beatport, Itunes and Bandcamp.

Another Fine Day – Remix EP.


“Another Fine Remix EP from Another Fine Day”.

Now here’s an interesting spin on some new tunes. A few weeks ago Interchill released Tom Green’s new album A Good Place To Be under his moniker Another Fine Day. A few days ago Interchill released the Remix EP of that album. 5 tracks. 36 minutes. Well worth the look. Two of the track Spanish Blues and three of And Dream Of Seals.

Off the cuff the first tune is a ripper. Entitled Spanish Blues – Hibernation Remix this one has all the jazzy subtleties of the original. The keys, the cymbals and the delicacy coupled with a big bass synth locking in with the solid yet gentle bed of the beat. A few punctuations over the top with a grinding, dirty, textured sound and this instrumental/electronica masterpiece grooves away with the jazz contrasted beautifully with the electronic component to give a balance that is solid, toothy and downright funky. Hitting the mid-section we open into a section of pure electronica before cutting back over the top with the jazz elements of the piano. These two teams jostle back and forwards for the remainder of the game that ends in a friendly back-slapping draw of smiles and beers. The composition gives both the jazz and the electronica due process, recognition and executes it in a way only a true artist could pull off.

More of the same meaty electronic goodness in the second track, Spanish Blues – Greg Hunter Remix. Maintaining the integrity of the jazz elements and balancing the palate with deep, dark electronica. The grinding shadows give focus and clarity to the original. A slower beat count is welcomed.

Then we leave the Blues in Spain to Dream of some Seals…..

And Dream of Seals – Another Fine Day Chaos Theory Remix. The chaos comes into this one with a discordant cacophony of almost irrhythmic percussive-style background. And it seems to work musically. While not the sweetest sounds an ear can hear it certainly brings an interesting spin as the contrasting chimes float over the top.

The Alucidnation Remix of And Dream of Seals is indicative of the composer in his true style. Right at home in the ocean of sound, Alucidnation has embraced the watery feeling, kept the seals frolicking in the sunshine and even seems to be able to write the sunlight streaming through the water into an almost ambient feeling downtempo track.

And Dream of Seals – Ishq Remix. Each of these three seems to get slower and more spacious and this is one very chilled piece. With the addition of some haunting vocals and chanting, spacious atmospheric pads and a little caressing, the environment is conveyed to the listener in a way that reminds one of floating around a pool on a clear summers day.

Greens been writing music for years and after the last album, its very refreshing to see people with similar tastes working with some of his material. The release is nicely balanced with some darker electronic elements, ambient sections and mid-range downtempo all present.

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