by William Hancock.

Dubarray – The Sound Of Prana.

“Downtempo Fusion outfit shows spiritual side”. 

After success with the 2014 album Visions Collide, Sunshine Coast based outfit Dubarray have fused their signature sound with a new purpose. A slightly different spin on the bands ambient and downtempo worlds find founding members Brett and Kate Gadenne producing a positive and relaxing journey through what are essentially sonic guided meditations. This angle coupled with well-composed rhythms and class-A production make a winning third album for the four-piece fusion band. 

The Sound Of Prana holds together a host of yoga as well as meditation applications. An album with purpose. Intelligently composed,  well voiced and produced in a manner that only a husband and wife can. Have the lyrics been over worked? Hard to say. Is their a soul to this album. Definately.

Notable tracks include;  Red Earth with an almost out of place glitched-out synth hook that once the surprise subsides is really quite endearing although slightly repetitive. Connected is a didge-infused classic chillout sound. With soaring sax and keys taking flight alongside optimistic vocals and chanting, the album is a beauty in sound as well as direction. 

The band is one to keep an eye on. They’re not around for the short game. Living a lifestyle and a love of touring make these guys a long-term investment. Gaining momentum both in Australia and Internationally, Dubarray are only just now beginning to show a hand that has been planned for well over a decade. 

The Sound Of Prana is out now on One World Music


Pan Electric – Conscious Pilot

Third in a series of five reissues from Pink Lizard, Pan Electric’s Matt Coldrick (Green Nuns of the Revolution) has drawn from a range of different influences and musicians to blend the classic downtempo album Conscious Pilot

With hints of influence ranging from from the production of William Orbit to the synthesisers of Lemon Jelly, Coldrick manages to package the signature sound up into an tasty and nourishing degustation. 

Originally released in late 2007 the 12 tracks journey through ambient, downtempo and electro-chill. Incorporating input from sessions with award winning jazz-pianist Neil Cowley (Adele), pedal steel legend BJ Cole and ambient synth architects Ishq, the album is worthy of re-release in an era where popularity of the downtempo genre is exploding. 

Notable tracks include the soaring treble-infused introduction Orbital Overture, the vocal beauty of Sky Circles (featuring The Fantastic Laura B. From Big Chill fame) and When You Are Loved (featuring Julie Kench of The Swingle Sisters). 

The positivity and optimism of the composition combined with deft use of synthesisers and artful arrangements results in a timeless production. Arguably one of the best downtempo albums of the last decade. 

Keep an eye out for Coldrick’s upcoming record with Aarti Jadu under the moniker Quiet Earth, rumoured for release in September of this year on One World Music. Blending traditional Indian Bhajans with deft Celtic-infused guitar work, whispers of a spinoff electronica remix album have also been heard. 

Find Conscious Pilot on Pink Lizard Music (Rouge Reptile) or Bandcamp

Dub Trees-The Cerronnos Dub Rituals EP.

The musical genius of Martin “Youth” Glover has spread far and wide over the years. From Pink Floyd, U2 and Primal Scream to Killing Joke and The Fireman the music this gentleman produces has touched the world in many different modes and voices. 

Dub Trees – The Cerronnos Dub Rituals EP brings to us more of Martin’s talent through more flexing in diversity.  Four tracks of varying styles, collaborating with contrasting artists and sewn together with a common thread of Celtic and Hindu inflection. 

Deer Hunter (Azura Dub) blends classical Indian instruments and vocals with ancient Celtic, Galician and Summerian pipes winding their way through the 140 plus BPM psy-trance bed of kick drum dance floor acceleration. 

King Of The Faeries (Avengers Outer Space Chug Dub) is a highlight and as the name suggests presents a solid yet palatable chug of danceable mid-tempo groove, textured by layers of effected vocals and smatterings of exotic instruments. 

Atmabodha (Ritual Focus Dub) presents an almost ambient mix with haunting flutes and drones complemented by comfortable nature sounds. 

Ambient Storm (Dysgogan Derwydon Meint A Deruyd Dub) finishes the EP with a pleasant and atmospheric composition, detailed in the layering and variety of flavours used. 

“Third in a triptych of albums Youth has made with a specific Celtic / Hindu fusion” this EP paves the way for a full album of sound in the same vein, expanding deeply on the obvious themes. 

Composed by a master and collaborated upon by many this release on Liquid Sound Design gives a varied and impressive collection of sound and composition. However at times it bears asking the question of whether the world music instruments sit upon the electronica bed with a grounded seat. 

Another nourishing delight from a recognised master in the sonic arts. 

Coco’s Lunch – Other Plans.

“Acapella Female Vocal Group Blends World and Jazz for Trademark Sound”.

cocos+lunch+2 cocos+lunch+3

This week Australian all female acapella group Coco’s Lunch launch their award winning single Other Plans with their new show of the same name. 21 years and seven albums have flown by for the now five piece vocal band, capped off by taking out the Best Song Composed category of the 2015 Australian A Capella Awards, written by band-member Lisa Young.

The track features a Southern Indian style of singing known as konnakol, a technique Lisa recently completed her PhD in. The song uses intoned and pitched vocal percussion to form melodies, bass lines and rhythmic textures, integrating Western Jazz and Indian Carnatic traditions to produce a depth of sound that is unique, strong and captured skillfully by engineer Hadyn Buxton.

The track progresses through various movements, rising and falling with the lilting layers of some finely trained and stunning female voices. The band features Gabrielle MacGregor, Nicola Eveleigh, Jacqueline Gawler, Emma Gilmartin and of course Lisa Young. “With 8 CD releases, tours in over 13 countries and a swag of awards and nominations under their belts, their songs are sung by choirs and vocal groups around the world and their music has been featured on countless compilation CD’s, short films and TV”.

The sound of female acapella group Coco’s Lunch in their new single Other Plans fits into the realm of the angelic. Rising and falling with the tides, textured by the water and flowing effortlessly through the movements, our ears are caressed by the sonic flowering of naturally crafted and organic musical bliss.

The show of the same name is directed by Noel Jordan of the Edinburgh Childrens Festival and was premiered at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival to outstanding reviews earlier this year. Catch Coco’s lunch busting out their new stuff at Bella Union in Carlton on Thursday the 5th of November, 2015. 8pm for around 30 bucks.


Panorama Brasil

‘Second Album ‘Flor De Pedra’ Launch Live at Memo Hall’.

 Second album for Latin band Panorama Brasil ‘Flor de Pedra’ launches live at St. Kilda’s Memo Hall tonight. Spearheaded by virtuoso latin guitarist Doug De Vries and accomplished singers Diana May Clark and Jaqueline Gawler, the band take a musical tour through the rhythms of South America. Directed by long time student of Brazilian rhythms and percussionist Alastair Kerr, the show explores both familiar and unique sonic landscapes. Samba and Bossanova alongside Maracatu and Frevo rhythms, punctuated by De Vries witty and engaging narrative keeping a balance between the music and the mind. Also of note was Kerrs humorous, warm and well constructed introduction to the show and the band. 
With De Vries leading a face-melting couple of instrumental numbers early in the show with his seven-stringed nylon classical guitar, backed solidly by Kerr on a quintessential Brazilian percussion instrument called the ‘Pandeiro’and Jorge Albuquerque on bass. 
   Jacqueline Gawler and Doug de Vries lead Alastair Kerr and Panorama Brasil at Memo Hall in St.Kilda 

Jacqueline Gawler leads the first set with a sultry and soulful performance, rich in the breathlessness that can only be found in Spanish love songs. 

Diana May Clark fronts the band for a second set. Battling an illness earlier in the week the songstress bounced back admirably to add spice and humour to a complex and varied set list. 
  Diana May Clark fronts Panorama Brasil in their second set at Memo Hall 

The complex rhythms and masterful arrangements of this talented band are executed with artistic precision and infectious groove. The passion and enjoyment of the players is evident. Asher Henfry on flutes, Al Parsons on trombone and Matt Boden on keys.
Notable too is the venue. St. Kilda’s Memo Hall is situated out the back of the St. Kilda RSL club. Revamped and run by a Caravan Music Club partnership, the hall features a diverse program of entertainment including theatre, music, comedy, readings and film.

With past shows including the recent Adelaide Cabaret Festival and The Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Panorama Brasil are a must see for all proponents of Brazilian, Latin, Jazz and indeed World Music at large.
PR by Tracy Routledge.
Written by William Hancock. 
29th of August, 2015. 

Sysyphe – The Cities of Silver Trees.


“European Downtempo Integrates With Festival EDM Scene”.

French downtempo act Sysyphe (Phillip Contamin) released his second album through psy-trance label Hadra in July of this year. Leading hand of the chill section at the Grenoble-based label, Sysyphe brings another textured electronica composition to his repertoire. Influenced early on by Gothic Rock that led to jockeying psy-trance records and eventually programming the international Hadra Festival, it was an encounter with The Orb in 1995 sparked his interest in the slower genres.

The Cities of Silver Trees tells the tale of an internal quest amongst the meandering of a youthful forest. A haven of peace and source of all life where the trees are made of sap, with stone and light the décor. It’s through this universe that Sysyphe invites us to take an ambient stroll, evolving into a deeper journey of pure electronica charged with an edge of trance-flavoured synths and stabs. Highlights include a deep, momentous and atmospheric Body and Mind chugging away, a reggae inspired Dubspell and a delightfully spacious ambient introduction full of forest critters and life in A L’Oree.

With a definite psy-chill angle and a finish that could almost be classed as slower EDM, The Cities of Silver Trees carries off a saturation of synthesisers tastefully, with a successful composition orientated towards an outdoor audience.

Pan Electric And Ishq – Elemental Journey.


“Re-issued Album Brings Global Awareness To True Purpose ”.

Elemental Journey is an ambient and downtempo album by electronica heavyweights Pan Electric (Matt Coldrick) and Ishq (Matt Hillier), first released in 2005 and recently re-released under Rouge Reptile Records, Pink Lizard Music’s re-issue label.

The EP spans the lower strata of the downbeat genre with Air totally ambient, yet Fire Dance dropping into a high-tempo drum and bass section before fading back into an epic couple of minutes of well constructed synth pads. Band from Atlantis brings forth a Pink Floyd-esque downbeat track tripping balls through oscillators before floating off in atmospheric colour. The first track Terra Firma can be found here for a complimentary download.

Coldrick hides not from the true motive of their collaboration; “This album, co-created with the mighty Ishq from Cornwall has seeded a die for a multimedia exhibition. I firmly believe and have done since 2004/5 that many of humanities problems rest in the disconnect with the natural world that has grown alongside our increasing dependency on technologies. This is compounded by our gradual loss of indigenous mythologies. This album offers a gateway to a visceral and spiritual connection with the forces of nature using the elements as a gateway.”

It seems many are feeling frustrated at the lack of respect being given to our planet and its resources. One may refuse to listen to words, yet humans have no choice but to experience an emotional reaction to music.

“The project is dedicated to reminding us of our elemental relationship with the planet.”

Fresh Track: ‘Seraphin’ by Beattopia. (Downtempo Electronica).

New tune.

Inspired by the angelic sounds and visions of a fireworks display, this downtempo electronica track builds slowly into a bed of momentum after a drawn out intro.

And while I’m at it here’s an old clip from a Screen Music competition a couple of years ago.

Life is a strange, wonderful experience. It’s only when a loved one dies that we begin to take in the whole picture. When we sleep each night our soul stays awake in our dreams. When our body dies, does our soul remain alive?

Here’s a two-part documentary about the Buddhist thoughts of what goes on after our bodies stop working. It’s narrated by Leonard Cohen who, two years after the video was released was ordained as a monk of the Buddhist faith as ‘Jikan’ or ‘Silent One’.

Rest In Peace Gorgeous. We miss you but are very happy you are free. xxx


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