“New Light from out of the Pitch Black”.
There’s a track on this album I just can’t stop listening to. It is the deadliest, stealthiest most downtempo ninja of a track track I’ve heard in such a long time and it’s totally addictive. Reminiscent of some of Ninja Tunes earlier releases this dark, broken atmospheric nugget that goes by the name of Invisible Chatter is worth buying the whole album for on it’s own. Don’t get me wrong these guys talent for composition and production is admirable. But there’s always a standout tune on any album and for Mike and Paddy’s fifth studio album Filtered Senses, Invisible Chatter is it. Ninja. Tune.
Other tracks worth noting are Without The Trees for its atmospheric and spacious ambience fused with a slow and haunting beat. Pixel Dust for it’s uptempo brightness and an oscillator in the background that gives the pixies their wings. And Circuit Bent as a perfect introduction track for a trance set, to warm and prime in a countdown to launch-time.
Anyone stating their motto as : “If your never in fashion, you never go out of fashion” has gotta have a balance perspective on their outlook to life and this album’s track list seems to reflect that balanced and practical approach. Well planned, assembled and executed with precision. The genres covered and fused into one wholesome product are numerous with a predominant flavour of Dub, Ambient and Downtempo. For those of you who have enjoyed these guys in the past, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. There’s something in there for everyone. For me Invisible Chatter has been rocking my sonic world for months. Another rare gem in the treasure trove of alchemical sound.
Filtered Senses was released September 2, 2016 on Dubmission Records.