“Dub Reggae Electronica Compilation Shows Both Sides Of The Coin”.


The latest from Liquid Sound Design, Society of Inner Light is a solid compilation of classy electronica tracks with a nicely balanced infusion of dub and reggae. Tripswitch opens with textbook electronica piece Collider ripping into some toothy synth work and a solid carry. Kuba then changes tack entirely with a dub-infused psychedelic funhouse. Dub Trees and Jah Wobble rip out a pacy dub/psy/electronica number later in the piece that gets the foot tapping. But it’s Irresistible Force featuring Nick Turner and Youth (Mixmaster Morris Remix) that I keep coming back to. Layered synths, atmospherics, a nice little trumpet opening up the digital space and a bed of adventure through the cosmos. Spacious, relaxing and interesting. A fun loving compilation of dub and electronica with a side of seriously bright journey work. I guess that’s why life is called the great cosmic joke.