“Melbourne Soul/Funk/R&B label going global”.

Ivan Katchoyan you little ripper.

Remember songs? That tell stories? With style? This guy. 

Prominent Melbourne funk and soul drummer of Cookin’ On Three Burners fame (check out Kungs remix of their track This Girl) has taken matters into his own hands and started releasing old school vinyl 45’s on his label Choi Records

It’s good solid gritty old school funk and soul you can get your teeth into. In an age of electronica and developmental songwriting it’s so very refreshing to head back to the roots where it all began.

Third cab off the rank is Fulton Street, a Melbourne based funk/soul outfit with beefy rhythmn and dynamic horn sections. Blending the essential elements of R&B and Soul into cohesive and original catchy tunes, these guys don’t miss a thing in the interpretation of that original sound from years ago we all know and love. The blistering A side Young People is followed by a slightly mellower yet equally inspiring Problems and Pain on the B.

From little things big things grow. Go Melbourne. 

Available now at www.fultonstreet.bandcamp.com of if the gods are smiling, on an old school vinyl 45 from Northside Records. A men.