“Downtempo Stayer Carves Sonic Niche”. 

Bruce Bickerton studied classical piano in the early years. After igniting his passion for electronica in the late 80’s during the ambient house boom, he began investing carefully in studio equipment. The early 90’s saw his collection of vintage Roland synths swell and with them his production skills and passion for sonic creation. 

After the success of Get Lost in 2008, Bickerton followed up strongly with Aural Architecture in 2013. Through several album releases Bruce has developed a predominantly analogue electronica sound, steering away from digital plugins and allowing the construction of his characteristic meandering beds to hold space for  well-constructed keyboard compositions. 

The latest release from Alucidnation is Peace Odyssey. A 13 track LP comprising of textbook melodic Downtempo Electronica, smattered with some excellent piano work and punchy-yet-discreet synths stabs. 

The opening track Plastic People sets a strong flavour for the rest of the album with bright, positive electronica and synth atmospherics coupling snugly. LED bops along in a similar vein, as does Mantis. A Reflective Mood is standout with the piano composition and execution of this worthy of an orchestra backing. The rogue is called A Paen, the Ye Olde name for a song of joy, praise or victory. Despite its unique sound the song seems out of place. The album closes with Taters and Sudetenland, both having similar formats with deeper feeling and more robust construction. Perhaps a hint of things to come? 

Classic Alucidnation. Well composed, nicely produced and tightly executed.

Peace Odyssey is available now through One World Music