by William Hancock.

Pitch Black – Third Light.

Loving the latest from Mike Hodgson and Paddy Free. More deep, dark, sunny bits and pieces lovingly stitched together and blended with atmospherics and pads, layers and colour.

Favourite track would have to be number three with the same name as the title of the album. Funky, smooth and captivating, the cavernous intro drops into our favourite dubby bed before that grinding bass synth fleshes out. The groove train departs. This one is another gem that should be in the record box.

Coming a close second is the last tune with its ambience and a killer piano line carrying the pads along delicately. Nice touch with the nature sample at the end too, finishing in a sweet spot.

Their signature sound is maintained here, thankfully more tightening up and fleshing out what was already there than trying anything new. Yes.

Spatialize – Underneath the Radar.

Pushing into the neo-dub realm of electronica. The reggae element clearly present but with a refreshingly crisp and clean finish finish on the palate.

Loving “Colour Of The Sky”. Class A Butler Power-chill. Almost a different genre to the rest of the album.

The fifth Spatialize album goes stratospheric with a high vibe release of psychedelic electronica.

Spatialize is the project of electronic producer Neil Butler from the South West of the UK. Neil has been releasing and gigging under the Spatialize name since 2004 while slowly building a reputation for high quality sound. The 2014 releases of Radial and On the Edge of Forever were well received in the psy-chill world and have led to interesting gigs and new connections 
with fellow producers and listeners from all over the world.

Since 2014, Neil has been kept busy with his deep-ambient alter ego Experiments in Silence.  
But after 4 albums of textured atmospherics, he decided it was time to roll up his sleeves and get back amongst the beats and the bass. Outlines of new tracks started piling up thick and fast throughout 2017 and the final layers of synths and mixing took place during the hot summer of 2018.

The end result is an album that reflects deep musical influences from psychedelia, 
electronica, world, ambient and space rock. Juicy synths, exotic instrumentation 
and guitars float above a blend of organic and electronic drums, with the album including 
sax from Ian East of Gong and futuristic synths from Ishq.

Pan Electric – Step Out.

image  image     image  image

He’s back! Matt Coldrick (Pan Electric, Green Nuns of the Revolution) has returned after a hiatus on the tail of Music For A Busy Head and his recent world music project, Quiet Earth. 

Liquid Sound Design presents Pan Electrics latest album Step Out.

Another downtempo masterpiece. Tight production, solid composition and inspiring creativity.

Features of note:

-the discordant, chaotic introduction before we drop into the sweeping plains of guitar and electronic beds.

-The honky tonk break at the end of Half World. Superb.

-Some inspiring and positive vocal samples in Rhythmn is a Sense.

-Deep dubby travel power in Rising Slowly, a phrase we’ve heard before! The power of this track builds nicely.

-Cant help feeling like Sweet As Rain reminds me of something.

-And a faster if not slightly chaotic danceable number with Shadow Hunters, a track that was remixed here to celebrate Pan Electrics first release 20 years ago on James Monro’s label Flying Rhino.

Stoked to hear more from this talented fellow through an album that delivers and was worth the wait. And a nice smattering of guitars to cap it off.

Release date 7th of December 2018 on Liquid Sound Design. 

Check out the promo video here:

Triskele Management. 

Astronaut Alchemists – Youth and Gaudi.

Deep, dubby, bassy goodness. Shponglesque. Highlighted by progressive sections of psychedelia. Easy to listen to, play tennis to or mix into a set. Lovely production and solid composition. Yum.

Available through:

Liquid Sound Design



PS: for anyone in the UK and London who would like to party hearty, the launch party link is here for the gig:

Luthiers Lounge #9

Melbourne turned the weather on yet again today for the second last gathering of 2018. The sky was clear, the beers were cold and a gentle wind from the north-west tempered the mood of our epic city.

A solid gathering of the guitar-building clan ensured much chit-chat and lots of guitars. Mainly steel-strings were seen today by the group of around 20 people.

Many thanks to Pat, Matt and Pete for busting out a few quality tunes.

Lukas popped in from Perth again, Pat swung by for a warm up on the way through to a gig later this arvo, Frank and Matt came up from the bayside area, Joff bought a ripper in with some stunning she-oak in it and a pleasant arvo was had by all. Pete busted out his latest lap steel, Paul bought in some very unusual Blackwood and get this, 1000 year old sinker Redgum!

Thanks everyone who threw some coins into the hat. It means a lot when it comes out of your own pocket. And thanks to the people that turned up sporting a positive, supportive and encouraging attitude. This gig costs me around $120 a month to put on. With a streetpress ad that figure doubles. It’s great to leave feeling happy that people have received the effort gratefully and are on board with the vibe of the gig. Support, encouragement, sharing and kindness. Everfresh.

Onwards towards November. Anyone with ideas input or thoughts about anything next year please hit me up through the Luthiers Lounge fb page

May all your guitars turn out better than expected!


Pete Harbour and Old Faithful.

Nat and a build from Queensland with some interesting Maleleuca back and sides.

Paul with some weird Blackwood that was honey coloured.

Lukas from Perth. Will from Melbourne.

Pat sounding like the folk of the land.

Damon with a prototype freshie.

Joff with his ripper.

Dave Chin with a traveller collaboration (with Will).

Matt stringing up while Maizy hangs out.

Frank with his last years effort.

Top job all.

Next month in November. Sunday the 4th. 1pm – 4pm. Luthiers Lounge #10. At the Fitzroy Bowls Club. Last one for the year. Bring ya latest build.

Abraham Carmona – Ibiza.

What a great album for relaxing into an evening. Warm production from Youth and a jazzy, guitar infusion over the beats with a middle eastern flavour popping up intermittently. Flows together beautifully as an album to give delicious chunk of time to sink into the balearic bliss. Enjoy with a cocktail and a view. Classy stuff.

An interesting clip from the makers:

Purchase here:

Abraham Carmona’s latest album stems from a session in the mountains of Granada, where he produced his most recent effort “Homage To Catalonia”, an album of traditional flamenco music produced by the legendary Youth (Killing Joke, Paul McCartney, Guns and Roses, 
The Verve)
. After finishing the traditional album, they decided to explore a new sound, combining beats, samples, electronics, and merging them with Abraham’s unique style 
of infusing jazz techniques with a flamenco aesthetic.

The result is a sublime collection of songs, eliciting images of chilled out nights under a summer sky, waves of electronic sounds wash over you, orchestral strings reminiscent of Kamasi Washington intertwine seamlessly with laid back grooves and a myriad of instrumentation, ranging from the eastern sounds of “Electronic Dreams” 
to the funky noodlings on “Fortamentura” 

Knog Bike Lights.

The designers at have put together some very practical and competitive products for the bicycle industry. This one are the basic front and back lights for your pushbike. And for such a small and unassuming Australian pack, it’s making quite an impact on the European market. Price-point perfect and practical form-follows-function design make these little guys a big asset.

With five modes of operation, USB recharging and up to 40 hours of flashing, the 40 lumens if front light and 20 of rear are fully waterproof and magnetically mountable.

These guys are the quintessential bunch of designers. Holed up in a shopfront on Church street in Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia these guys are taking quality bike products and Australian design to large portions of the international markets. In particular the ultra-competitive European bicycle accessories market. And their winning.

Keep an eye out for the Bluetooth bicycle speaker too. Outstanding sound from a compact unit.

Did I mention the Richmond office has its own prototyping workshop? Australian made. Bewdy.

Available from or drop into the showroom at 453 Church st. Richmond, Melbourne, Australia.

@knog @williamhancockguitars #bicycles #bikelights #bikeaccessories #knog #bikes

Alucidnation – Paracosmic

Alucidnation – Paracosmic. (Lucid Recordings). Another solid album from Bruce Bickerton. Honestly I was hooked from the first bar of the first track. Walking along, plugged in my earphones and hit the tempo in rhythm right from the word go. There’s still the same compositional feeling and signature synth sounds from earlier releases, but there’s a new edge to this album. Sharper, a touch funkier, slightly more uptempo but still very much at home in the downtempo genres. Pushing towards the upper limits of that genres tempo and threatening to break out into some dancable and excellently made sonic infusion. Great. #triskelemanagement #lucidrecordings #alucidnation #oneworldmusic #brucebickerton @triskelemanagement @alucidnation @phoenixdistributionau @amanaska1

Dreadnought Plans.

Hand-drafted plan of the Thomas Lloyd Dreadnought from the book available at


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